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We PepperHeads are purveyors of Fine Hot Pepper Chutneys, Jellies, Sauces and Syrups. For purchase we have a Bengali Bluenoser Habanero Chutney, A Cranberry Lemon Habanero Jelly, a Wild Blueberry Maple Habanero Jelly, and an Apple Habanero Syrup. PepperHead products are created through our artistic sense of taste and our tasteful sense of art. We create our works within the constructs of the scientific method to ensure food-safety, consistency and high-quality. Our kitchen is our laboratory. Our palette is limited only by our imaginations and all of the flavours of the world. Deep in our hearts we believe in our arts, and we believe in the power of “Local”. We support locally grown agriculture; we value-add to it. The Habanero pepper is our lifeblood. With our local line of mouth-watering and delectable habanero creations, it is our intention to welcome everyone to partake in the PepperHead lifestyle; from those who are just beginning their food adventures to the well-versed spicy-food connoisseurs. We encourage everyone to join us on this exciting journey as we grow. Our foray into the world of chutneys, jellies, sauces and syrups will bring new life to the long-time spice-lovers, and to those unfamiliar with or disinclined to partake in the spicy food movement we say, “Take the PepperHead Plunge, we won’t steer you wrong!”…and if after that you still say no to spice, then we will respect your opinion and offer our condolences. Awaken your inner PepperHead. Spice up your day, every day. Become immersed in our vivid and flavourful journey. We await you with open arms!